2014 Child Hope Calendar

2014CHI_CalendarThis year Child Hope is blessed to be able to offer a beautiful calendar for 2014  full of stunning photographs captured by DeAnna Gallardo on a recent trip to Haiti. This is the third year that DeAnna has traveled to Haiti to photograph each child at The Lighthouse homes as well as all the community children who attend the Maison de Lumier school.

DeAnna learned about CHI through a friend who goes to Sanctuary Covenant Church, pastored by David Beck, one of Child Hope’s board members. When she heard about the ministry, she and her daughter immediately went to the Web site and picked out a child to sponsor. A few months later, an opportunity came for DeAnna to visit the ministry site in Port au Prince.

DeAnna Gallardo in Haiti
DeAnna keeping cool on a hot day in Haiti

DeAnna says about this trip: “I just fell in love with the kids and the country of Haiti.” When Child Hope staff discovered that she was a professional photographer, they asked her if she would like to put together pictures for a calendar. DeAnna immediately said “Yes!” She loves having a chance to use her skills to bless Child Hope.

DeAnna said each trip gets better and better. “This November,” she said, “was the easiest time because now I know the kids names and faces and am beginning to build relationships. I was surprised to find that more than half remembered my name from last year.” DeAnna tries to make the photography sessions fun and you can see in her portraits that the kids are enjoying themselves.

When not traveling to Haiti, DeAnna lives in Sacramento with her husband and two girls. She and her husband are currently seeking to adopt from Haiti. DeAnna specializes in family and newborn photography. You can view more of her work on her web site.

The 2014 Child Hope calendar is free for your year-end donation of any amount.

Thank you DeAnna for the way you have used our skills to serve the ministry of Child Hope!