About Haiti

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Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. However, it was not always so. In the 1700s, Haiti was known as the “Pearl of the Antilles” and became one of the wealthiest countries in the Caribbean. Late in the 18th century, the slaves rebelled, gained control over the island and declared its independence. Unfortunately, they could not sustain the wealth of the nation and today, with 80% of its population living in abject poverty, Haiti is plagued with political violence, government corruption, eroded farmland and the continual effects of disease and starvation.

Haiti’s population is over 8 million people. 
Haiti’s infant mortality rate is 76 out of 1000.
Haiti’s literacy rate is 52%.

Voodoo is the most widely practiced religion in the country. 80% of the population professes to be Roman Catholic and 16% Protestant. However, the occult practices of Voodoo are deeply engrained in the culture and are systematically blended into the other religious beliefs and customs.

Without Christ, Haiti’s situation seems hopeless. Child Hope International is firmly committed to raising up a new generation of Haitian leaders where integrity, Biblical values, and a strong work ethic are paramount. By sharing the good news of the Gospel and the love of Jesus Christ with the lost, this new generation can bring hope and a promising future to Haiti’s people, all for the glory of God.