Board of Directors

Bill Manassero  : Founder and President Emeritus

Bill Manassero

Founder and President Emeritus

Prior to founding Child Hope and The Lighthouse with his wife Susette, Bill spent 25 years as a corporate executive and business entrepreneur. He sold his possessions to go into full-time ministry, first as a children's musician, writing, producing CDs and performing songs around the world with his Mister Bill Band and, later, moving to Haiti to serve children in Port-au-Prince. Bill and Susette have seven children.

Jody Giles  : Chairman

Jody Giles


After a varied and successful information technology career in multiple industries, Jody is now CEO of Exhort Advisors. Jody holds an MBA from Pepperdine University. Jody regularly leads teams from his church to Haiti to support the ministries of Child Hope.

Angelo Saragosa  : Treasurer

Angelo Saragosa


Angelo Saragosa first visited Haiti in 2009, and has been a constant and regular visitor to Child Hope since that time. Angelo is self-employed in the construction trades and brings his many talents to serve Child Hope and the people of Haiti. Angelo lives in Carpinteria, California with his wife, Mary, who also visits and serves at Child Hope.

Kamala Kavati  : Secretary

Kamala Kavati


Kamala's first trip to Haiti was in 2008. Since then, she has regularly visited the children at Child Hope. She also lived in Haiti for two years where she worked at Quisqueya Christian School in Port-au-Prince. She currently lives in Orange County, CA where she teaches high school English at Santa Ana High School.

Brooke James  : Member

Brooke James


During Brooke's first trip to Haiti in 2003 she fell in love with traveling, the country of Haiti, and its people. She began to visit Child Hope frequently over the years and eventually lived there for 2 years as a staff nurse. She moved back to Seattle a few years ago where she works again as a pediatric nurse.