Camp in a Box 2016

We are excited to share more with you all from Camp-in-a-Box 2016! One camp counselor, Teresa, shares her experiences below.

img_0274Packing an overnight bag. Finally digging out your bathing suit. Grabbing your best friend’s hand as you load the bus. Going back one more time for the forgotten toothbrush. Singing familiar songs as you bump along. Butterflies fill your stomach with excitement…and then you’re there.


For most of us (myself included), summer camp is a deep and favorable memory of our childhood. What a privilege and honor to gift the children of Child Hope International the same experience.img_0553

For five days, camp counselors from Haiti, Arizona, California, Washington, and Maryland gathered together to provide a fun-filled, action-packed agenda of soccer, basketball, crafts, relay races, worship, prayer, and rest to campers age 3-18. Both kids and adults had been looking forward to this trip for months, and it’s safe to say Camp-in-a-Box delivered.

“[It let us] have fun, be with Jesus, and develop a closer relationship with God by enjoying what He has given us.” -Jenna

“Joy. Laughter. It brings Unity. That is what I experience [as a counselor] and also what the kids said.” -Ruth

“Actually meeting the kids and knowing they are joyful, hard workers. They appreciate what they are given and we were able to have so much fun.” -Holden

“They get times with their brothers and sisters away from the loudness of the streets…their minds are filled with wisdom through God’s word.” -Hailey

“No.” -Camper (when asked if they were ready to get back to their daily routine now that camp was over)

img_1159As we plan our own vacations and retreats, it’s easy to forget what a special opportunity camp is for everyone. The last Camp-in-a-Box prior to this year was hosted three years ago. While it is certainly important to shield the challenges of running camp (fundraising, resources, efforts, etc.) from the kids, it is understandable that they wonder what prevents this from becoming an annual experience.

Are you interested in partnering with Camp-in-a-Box through sponsorship efforts or attendance to help us make this an annual tradition? We would love to give you more information! Contact Child Hope to learn more.