Haiti is an island steeped in spiritual darkness and confusion. From the beginning of its modern history, religious practices of African slaves combined with poorly understood Catholicism have created a unique Haitian form of voodoo that still exerts its power over the people. Many Haitians consider voodoo to be the national religion of Haiti. The physical and spiritual poverty are reflected in deep bondages that can only be broken through the power of the Holy Spirit and the intercession of God’s people. We are called to battle with the principalities and powers of darkness for renewal and restoration in Haiti.

We invite you to join with us in this battle and covet your prayers for the following:

  • For the children at Maison de Lumiere, that they learn to trust and believe in Christ as Savior and Lord. That they cooperate with the staff and grow up to be godly young men and women.
  • For Haiti’s current political situation, that Haiti’s leadership find Jesus Christ and that they would lead the country to ultimate freedom from spiritual bondage.
  • For new child sponsors that will help Maison de Lumiere meet the day-to-day living needs of the children and also allow for medical/dental needs/emergencies, clothing, educational supplies, and other longer term needs.
  • For godly wisdom and guidance as we seek to teach, disciple and lead the children to honor and glorify their Lord.
  • For faith and endurance as we seek to walk in the Spirit and in His will.
  • For the Lord’s protection over the missionaries serving in Haiti, especially from illness and attacks by the enemy.