MDL Student Successes

Cherley Passes Major Major Government Exam — Moves One Step Closer to Medical School Dream

CherleyCherley Saint-Ange, 2012 MDL Graduate, passed the grueling Haiti 12th grade Reto government exam on her first attempt.  It is estimated that nearly 80% of those who take this exam fail it the first time.

This is the second to the last government test required to complete secondary school.  The final government exam, Philo, occurs in 13th grade but is said to be not as difficult as Reto.  Cherley is an excellent student and, if she passes Philo in 2014, she will be the first MDL kid to have completed secondary school.

She is very excited and it means, for her, that her childhood dream of one day becoming a doctor is getting that much closer.  This year, Cherley will begin researching the myriad of medical school options available in Haiti, the Caribbean and, possibly, North America.  It will not be easy to first, be accepted into a program and secondly, finance the education, but we are praying that the Lord, who has watched over this young former restevec (child slave) for the last seven years will continue to provide what is necessary to see Cherley’s dream come true.  Cherley’s faith is strong and she thanks the Lord for her success in this exam.  Please keep Cherley in your prayers, that she may one day realize her dream of becoming a doctor and serving the people of Haiti.

Junior Fan Fan Gets Fully Funded for His Senior Year

Junior1Junior Fan Fan received enough sponsorship funds to cover his entire senior year at Morning Star Christian school. Congratulations Junior! We cannot thank all of you enough who joined us in prayer and financial support to make this happen.

Junior writes, “Thank you so much for giving to my school fund. This allows me to attend school, purchase school supplies, uniforms, and meals for school. I do not know how to thank you for your willingness to give to help me complete my schooling at Morning Star Christian Academy. I know that without your help, I would not be able to attend this school. My hope is that by attending this school, I will be able to apply and attend college in the states next year.”

For those of you who know him, Junior is an amazing young man at The Lighthouse, with a true heart for God. Although he has experienced deep tragedy in his life, he has found victory through Christ Jesus and he wants to proclaim the Gospel to Haiti and the world. He is currently a senior at an English language school in Haiti with plans to attend Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrietta, California. Junior graduates from our boys home this year.