Child Hope Video Profiles

During our 2013 Spring Celebration Dinner, we featured three videos highlighting  life stories of three young people who are part of The Lighthouse. These profiles were graciously produced by award-winning filmmaker W. Ashley Maddox of Missionary Films, who spent six days in Haiti capturing his own unique perspective of God’s work. All three videos are now available on the Video page.  The three children featured are (click the name to view the video):

Christella Jean Juste came to us after living on the streets of Port-au-Prince on her own for three years. We received a call from a friend who told us Christella was hiding  at a boys home disguised as a boy with short hair and boys clothes so that she could get off the streets. When we met her, she was afraid that she would be sent back  to the streets but, instead, we told her we had a girls’ home: a place where she could be safe and no longer afraid. Christella’s story demonstates how this very special young lady, who experienced much abuse and tragedy in her young life, found victory, peace, and eternal triumph surpassing anyone’s expectations.

 Walgens Rely will be graduating from The Lighthouse this year. He has learned silk screening through Child Hope’s transition program and is now co-managing the silk screening business with his best friend and “business partner” Junior FanFan. Walgens came from a difficult background before coming to MDL that included voodoo, living on the streets of Port-au-Prince, and experiencing the tragic loss of his mother in a hit-and-run accident in Port-au-Prince. Walgens’ deep abiding faith in Christ and persistence helped him to be victorious in  difficult circumstances.

Israel Baptise was one of the first boys at MDL and  graduated from the boys’ home in 2011. Israel had a very difficult life before coming to the Lighthouse. As a baby, he was severely burned over most of his body and later survived an abusive home for street boys. Israel’s life is a strong testimony of the power of Christ and the love of our Maker.