Founding Missionaries


The ministry of Child Hope International was founded in 2001 by Bill and Susette Manassero. After traveling around the world with “Mr. Bill’s Music Ministry,” and spreading the gospel through music, God began to burden their hearts for the country of Haiti and the deep suffering that they witnessed there. They were moved not only the spiritual hunger of the Haitian children, but also the intense physical and emotional hunger of so many abandoned orphans.

At the prompting of their 9-year-old daughter Ariana, who sensed that God was calling them to move there permanently, the family decided to take a leap of faith and sold all that they owned to make the move from southern California to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. This was in 2004.

Since then, ministry has grown from a small boys’ home into both boys’ and girls’ homes known as “Maison de Lumiere,” or “The Lighthouse” that collectively provides for twenty nine children.

In June 2015, the Manssero family returned to the United States for a sabbatical.

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Photo from left to right: Ariana, Francesca, Susette, Kenson, Bill, Vienna, and Elijah