Our Graduates

When the children in our homes turn eighteen, they are legally obligated to move out and begin living on their own. Here at Child Hope, we call this process “graduating”.

We place the upmost importance on maintaining a presence in our graduate’s lives and helping them as we are able with this challenging transition. We love to cheer on these amazing young adults and play a role in their continued growth! Child Hope will always be a family that loves and prays for the children our homes, even after their time living with us has ended.

Some of our graduates have family members that they are able to reunite with after moving out, while others choose to live together as they adjust to independent life. Graduates stay connected to Child Hope by visiting on the weekends, holidays, and other special occasions, and sometimes even earn employment in our children’s homes. Each of our “grads” has a unique story and purpose, and we take great joy in witnessing how they are joining in what God is doing in Haiti and around the world!