Hurricane Matthew Update #3

Dear Friends,

Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Haiti on October 4, 2016. Four months later, the country continues to rebuild. We want to share a Child Hope praise report with you. Immediately following the hurricane, we received an abundance of generous donations. The gifts have been used in a variety of ways.

Child Hope partnered with Heartline Ministries to deliver 200 bags of bread, over 60 goats, and clothing to the Southern Peninsula. The process was very organized. Children and families had gathered at a nearby school where items were distributed. The goats went to people that lost theirs’ in the hurricane, the bread and clothes went to students in a school who had their resources cut off as a result of the storm.

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Other partners we worked with following Hurricane Matthew were Wings of Refuge and Rendezvous Christ, a Haitian church. Through these efforts rice, beans, oil, water tablets, tarps, building supplies, and seeds for agriculture were delivered to those in need in the cities of Jeremie and Les Cayes, and the community of Lartigue.

We have also been able to bless people in the Child Hope family. Joel, our children’s home director, and his wife have family living in Jacmel, a city in the south of Haiti. His mother-in-law’s home was completely destroyed. Because of your donations, construction on her new home has begun.



Please continue to pray for the people of this country. Pray that resources will stretch far and be used wisely. Thank you for your generosity.


The Child Hope Family