Ivens Education Fund

Ivens BastienIvens Bastiens is a valued member of the Child Hope family in Haiti. In addition to his formal position  running the MDL School as principal and director, he also manages to fit in a few more responsibilities such as Bible teacher/host of the muTch feeding program, tutor for many of the kids at MDL, manager of Community Service Saturdays and our major liaison with the tent city and ravine communities.

Many call him the “unofficial Mayor of Delmas 75.” He has helped us rescue many a child and family during hurricanes and other dangerous situations. He is always available, at a moments notice, to step in to help people in need, no matter the situation. Add this to the fact that he is putting all of his siblings through school, taking care of his elderly grandmother and housing (in an already crowded house) various dislocated people, at-risk children and others in need. And he does all these things without asking for any help or assistance. He humbly serves these people as if serving the very Savior himself. His love for the Lord is evident in all he does. He is an amazing person and tremendous blessing to Child Hope and the local community.

Iven’s big dream, for the last 10 years, has been to one day complete his college education. And last year, a visiting team member found this out and was able to raise one year’s tuition and the money necessary for books and other fees. The university Ivens attends allows him to attend classes evenings and weekends. He completed his first year, with honors, and now needs funds to complete the full second year.. If you are interested in helping this godly young man to complete his education, you can contribute to his school fund here.