Junior FanFan’s School Fund

JuniorGod has placed a special call on one of the older boys at Maison de Lumier. Junior, who is now eighteen, has lived at the boys’ home with his younger brother since shortly after their mother was killed in 2005. Many of the kids call him “Pastor Junior” because of his dedication and diligence to study and preach God’s Word.

Junior wants  to follow the Lord’s calling by attending Bible school in the US to prepare for full-time ministry. The Ranch Church in Santa Ynez, California has expressed a desire to come alongside Junior’s calling and support him at Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta, California. However, to attend this Bible college, Junior needs the equivalent of an American high-school education and is currently enrolled at Morning Star Christian Academy in Port au Prince.

To help Junior prepare for the work God is calling him to do, we need to raise $500.00 a month for tuition and lunch money. If  you would like to learn more about Junior and help by financially sponsoring him, you can do this at a special GroupRev site.

Junior says:  

Thank you so much for giving to my school fund. This allows me to attend school, purchase school supplies, uniforms, and meals for school. I do not know how to thank you for your willingness to give to help me complete my schooling at Morning Star Christian Academy. I know that without your help, I would not be able to attend this school. My hope is that by attending this school, I will be able to apply and attend college in the states next year.