Keisha Chinn, New Leader/Mentor for Girls’ Home

Keisha Keisha Chinn, like Abraham, has heard a call to go to a far country (Haiti) and has responded with a resounding Yes. (“By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out…” Heb 11:8)

Keisha currently lives in Santa Barbara where she attends Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara. While engaging in a multi-faceted career with a number of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, Keisha had a growing sense that God had something special He was preparing for her to do. But for a season, all doors seemed to be closed. From the time of her conversion at the age of 28, Keisha felt a call to serve the oppressed and to serve in missions. During a recent time of waiting and seeking God’s direction in prayer, Inga-Lill Guzik, her pastor’s wife, suggested she consider ministry in Haiti. In Keisha’s words: “I felt a strong presence of the Lord as she spoke about Haiti. Tears of joy fell as my heart said the word home.”

This life-changing call happened the day before the Child Hope Celebration event was to be held in Santa Barbara on April 27, 2013. Six days after attending the event, Keisha was on an airplane flying to Port-au-Prince with Mary and Angelo Saragosa for a week visit. But as Keisha says, she wasn’t going for confirmation of the call, but to see where she would be living. She was already sure she had heard God’s voice and knew Haiti was her destination.

Keisha is now making arrangements to move permanently to Haiti on August 10, where she will assume the responsibilities of leader/mentor in the girls’ home. Her wide variety of experience and her special ministry vision for girls have uniquely prepared her for this role. She has volunteered with foster programs and children’s summer programs both in the US and abroad and served on staff with the Los Angeles Mission as the Volunteer Coordinator. She has also taught teen abstinence education both in Ireland and various Santa Barbara venues.

Keisha just completed a Bible study in Nehemiah that laid a powerful framework for the call to serve in Haiti. Nehemiah’s journey began with grieving over the condition of Jerusalem. Keisha has experienced that same grieving over conditions in Haiti. She said that even while serving the homeless in Los Angeles, she never saw children lining up alone to be fed as she did in Haiti. And as Nehemiah approached the king boldly for resources to rebuild the walls of the city, Keisha is boldly approaching the King of kings for spiritual resources to help rebuild the lives of orphaned and abandoned children in Haiti.KeishainHaiti

The Lord has already given her ideas for working with the girls including vocational counseling, helping them write their stories, incorporating praise dance and creative drama into their worship times, and using film to help them express their unique identities.

If you want to be part of God’s work through Keisha, you can contribute toward her support here.

Please pray for her during this transition time as she works to finalize her August departure plans and speaks to a number of churches and civic organizations about her call to serve in Haiti.