Lekol Kouraj – “Courage School”

Two of our girls, Estaline and Echeline, started school this year in a way that that is difficult to find in Haiti – as individuals. “Lekol Kouraj,” meaning “Courage School” in Haitian Creole, is the name of the five-child group that began this past fall to meet the needs of a few children in the community who were experiencing difficulty learning in the traditional group setting.

12032982_10205238810509064_7680769430741468189_n We are excited to be partnering with I’m Me, an organization around the corner from us, to bring together these five children and two teachers (one Haitian, and one American) and provide a space where the children can feel safe and courageous, and where their individual needs are being met. The heart behind Lekol Kouraj is to give these kids a place where they are seen, where gifts are fostered, and where they can catch up without feeling the need to measure up.

So far, Estaline and Echeline are doing great! They are shining at their own levels, and we are able to see far more clearly what they actually know and what they need help with. They are no longer intimidated to try to achieve, but seem to be rising to the challenge!esta and eche

We are so thankful for the Lord’s provision in this, and for all of our dedicated staff and community partners for making this dream a reality! We can’t wait to witness all that is in store for these girls!