Medical Clinic Update

Paula Watson and Lexie Anderson with baby Yules (and mom) who they nursed back to health.
Paula Watson and Lexie Anderson with baby Yules (and mom) who they nursed back to health.

A community medical clinic has been an integral part of the vision of Child Hope in meeting the needs of the children at The Lighthouse, the students at the MdL school, and  the Haitian families in the surrounding community.

We have been blessed with two wonderful long-term nurses that have supported this vision for several years. Paula Watson and Lexie Anderson pour out their hearts and their skills daily to meet many daily challenges.

Initially, the clinic where they worked was housed in a small room in the school, and the hours it was open were quite limited. In the last year, Lexie and Paula have seen much exciting progress toward expanding the clinic and meeting these goals:

  • To create a sustainable clinic that can host medical teams and follow up with care when teams aren’t there
  • To have the clinic run by Haitians
  • To intentionally communicate the love and grace of Jesus through everything is done

A partnership with Times Square Church (TSC) in New York has been the key to enabling the clinic to greatly improve its service capacity. Now housed in its own building, the clinic also has a regularly involved local Haitian doctor (Dr. Martine Antoine) and is open five mornings a week.

On a typical day, around 15 patients are seen. However, the ability to care for patients increases dramatically when visiting medical teams arrive. Teams from Time Square Church typically work out of the clinic once every two months, and teams from other places have come to serve as well. Recently several nurses from the Haiti Passion Project team joined in the clinic work.

Another recent change at the clinic is the addition of a time of prayer and worship at the beginning of each day.

Worshipping at the Clinic in the morning
Worshipping at the Clinic in the morning

Lexie commented:

This is one of our favorite changes. It’s so good to be able to do little things to bring the focus back to what really matters and what we most importantly want to communicate… The love of Jesus Christ. Some mornings our translators will speak on passage of scripture as well and we are able to hand out new testaments.

Updating records at the clinicLexie and Paula are also working on record keeping so they can improve follow up and patient care. Sometimes they are able to use help from visiting teams, like these two nurses who helped update charts.

Lexie and Paula have been amazed at the way God has worked to bring together a core team of people residing in California, New York, and Haiti to carry out a common vision. And there is still more that they are hoping to accomplish. Some of their goals include:

  • Educational projects such as health classes on specific topics
  • Volunteer opportunities for Haitians
  • Better care coordination and resourcing for the community
  • More consistent prayer and discipleship follow up with individual patients
  • Meeting organizational needs by hiring a Haitian nurse/administrator and obtaining licensing for the clinic

Here are some of the faces at the clinic on a typical day: patients range from the very young to the very old and every possible age between.

Please continue to pray for the work at the clinic. Pray for unity among the team and continued clear direction and that the clinic staff would a represent the Lord well and bring glory to Him. If you would like to help the work of the clinic, consider donating needed supplies or making a financial gift through Time Square Church.

The clinic is always busy and is proving to be a great blessing to the whole community!