Meet Jean Paul

Jean PaulJean Paul Jason is the newest member of the Lighthouse family here in Haiti, having arrived in February. He is seven years old and is from Les Cayes, in the southern part of Haiti. Jean Paul’s mother died shortly after the January 2010 earthquake and he has been passed from relatives to friends since then. Although he lived with his godfather for a month after his mother’s funeral, he was ultimately taken to an orphanage in Port au Prince because they could not afford to care for him. Later (2 years), the orphanage closed and he went to live with his aunt and a teenage sister for 2 ½ years. They could not care for him so he was brought to the Lighthouse.

Although he had a difficult start in life, Jean Paul is a sweet boy and who has adapted well to his new home. He is a bit shy but warms up to you after spending time with him and showing him you are truly interested in him.

He loves all his new brothers at the home and is often seen playing with his new best buddy Wilson. Staff members say he is alert and active (house mama Cindy re-emphasizes the “active” part of that description). And he is very strong and has a great deal of energy. He can be seen running, climbing, playing basketball and soccer all within the span of an hour.

He loves attending MDL School where he is in kindergarten. He likes his teacher and fellow classmates a great deal and can’t wait to go in the morning. He also likes to play soccer and basketball and his favorite color is blue.

Please pray for Jean Paul’s continued health and happiness and that he will come to know the love of Christ as he grows with us.

Jean Paul currently has no sponsors. If you are interested in sponsoring him, click here.