Newsletter Archive 2006-2010

Newsletters for 2010

December 2010 Newsletter: Merry Christmas from MDL, Dinner Date Changed, Gift-Giving Ideas, New 2011 Calendar

November 2010 Newsletter: Christmas, Haiti Celebration Dinner, Graduates Update, New Homes

October 2010 Newsletter Cholera Alert: Cholera Alert, Earthquake Update

September 2010 Newsletter: Freak Storm, Meet Estaline, Christmas 2010, School News, News Briefs

August 2010 Newsletter: Meet Christella, New Home for Orphans, New School Principal, New Roof, Visiting Teams, Adriano Update, Volunteers Needed

July 2010 Newsletter: New Kids at MDL, Camp-in-theBox 2010, Rebuild Efforts, Transition Program, Visiting Teams and Individuals, Adriano Update

May 2010 Newsletter: CNN Documentary, Q&A Update, Camp-in-a-Box 2010, Sponsor a Child, Web Updates

March 2010 Newsletter: After the Fall, What Now?, MDL CNN Documentary, Relief Truck Campaign

Newsletters for 2009

December 2009 Newsletter: Merry Christmas from the MDL Kids, MDL Boys in the USA, Year-End Giving Ideas, 1010 Calendar, Updates

October 2009 Newsletter: Meet Our Newest Kids, Ariana’s Dream, Madame Jocelyn, Summer Interns, Prayer Alert

August 2009 Newsletter: Camp in a Box, Missions Teams, Feeding Program Update, Dana VerBurg

April 2009 Newsletter: Meet Richard, Child Sponsors Needed, Missions Teams, New Child Hope Web Site, Third Meal Campaign

February 2009 Newsletter: Meet Chedeline, Preparing Our Graduates, Feeding Program Update, Staff Profile: Fritz Desir, Manassero Kids Update

Newsletters for 2008

December 2008 Christmas Update: Christmas Greetings

November 2008 Newsletter: Meet Walgens, School Tragedy, New Guest House, MDL School, Christmas 2008, Brooke James

October 2008 Newsletter: Susette’s homecoming, Hurricane Update, Feeding Program Update, Christmas 2008

September 2008 Newsletter: Hurricanes Update

August 2008 Newsletter: Haiti Prayer Alert

July 2008 Newsletter: Meet Pastor Willie, Hope Walk Haiti 2008, Feeding Program, English School, Haiti Summer Camp

June 2008 Newsletter: Global Food Crisis, Our First Summer Camp and New Feeding Program

May 2008 Newsletter: Meet Oline, Susette’s Miracle, The Hojara Family and MDL Kids Community Service

April 2008 Newsletter: Hojara Attempted Kidnapping Prayer Alert

April 2008 Prayer Alert: Food Riots Update

March 2008 Newsletter: Meet Gregory, Bill’s Haiti Visit, Fritz Wedding, New Documentary Film, Local Healing and Easter

February 2008 Newsletter: Meet Daphne, The Hojaras Step In to Help and Susette Update

January 2008 Update: Susette Update

Newsletters for 2007

Dec 29 2007 Update

December 17 2007 Update

December 14 2007 Newsletter

November 2007 Newsletter

September 2007 Newsletter

August 2007 Newsletter

June 2007 Newsletter

May 2007 Newsletter

May 1 2007 Newsletter

March 2007 Newsletter

February 2007 Newsletter

January 2007 Newsletter

Newsletters for 2006

November 2006 Newsletter