Newsletter Archive 2011-2013

Newsletters for 2013

Christmas Greeting December 2013

December 2013 Fundraising Appeal

November 2013 Newsletter: Praise and Worship at Child Hope, October Birthday Party Pictures, Manassero Update, News Briefs, Planning for Christmas, 2014 Calendar, Special Ways to Help

October 2013 Newsletter: Orphan Sunday, School News, Manassero Update, Transitions and New Faces, Prayer Alert for Day of the Dead, Planning for Christmas

September 2013 Newsletter: Meet Naillou, Lighthouse Kids Gallery, Dream Team is for Families, News Briefs, Photo of the Month, Volunteer Positions

August 2013 Newsletter: Meet Frantzi, Child Hope Video #4, Camp-in-a-Box, News Briefs, New Dream Team Trip, Volunteer Positions, Photo of the Month

July 2013 Newsletter: New Web Site, Child Hope Video #3, Camp-in-a-Box Prayer List, Nurses Needed, New Dream Team Trips, Summer Vocational Program, Photo of the Month

June 2013 Newsletter: Dream Team, Child Hope Video 2, Pastor Recounts Trip, The School Fund, Photo of the Month

May 2013 Newsletter: Tent City Storm Fund Update, New Child Hope Video Series, School Matching Fund, Camp-in-a-Box 2013, Photo of the Month, Pastor Position,

April 2013 Newsletter: 3rd Annual Celebration Events, Katie Tiffany Shares, Camp-in-a-Box, Photo of the Month and Dream Team Update

March 2013 Newsletter: Meet Jean Paul, Team Leader Testimony, Manassero Kids Update, Photo of the Month, Haiti Celebrations Events, Dream Team Trip, Camp-in-a-Box, 2013 Calendars

February 2013 Newsletter: Camp-in-a-Box 2013, 3rd Annual Haiti Celebration Events, Dream Team Missions Trip, Picture of the Month, Volunteer Positions, 2013 Calendar

January 2013 Newsletter: Looking Back – Looking Ahead, Earthquake 3rd Anniversary, Community Service at MDL, Dream Team Missions Trip, Ivens’ Education Fund and 2013 Calendars

Newsletters for 2012

December 2012 Newsletter: Merry Christmas, Haiti Christmas Events, New 2013 Child Hope Calendar now available

November 2012 Newsletter: Thankfulness in the Face of Adversity, Giving to Make a Difference, News Update, Christmas 2012

October 2012 Newsletter: Hurricane Sandy, Community Service in Haiti, Christmas 2012, Missions Teams, Volunteers Needed in Haiti

September 2012 Newsletter: Meet Echeline, New Expanded Medical/Dental Clinic, 2012 MDL Graduates, Back to School, Orange County California muTch Event

August 2012 Newsletter: Tropical Storm Isaac Update, Photos from Haiti, News Briefs (Cherline, Estaline, Markenson, MDL School Graduation and Govt Exam Results), Jobs Available at Child Hope

June 2012 Newsletter: Meet Diene, Summer Camp Update, Transition Program, Haiti Photos

May 2012 Newsletter: Dinner Recap, Markenson to Africa, Manassero Kids Update, Teams Update

March 2012 Newsletter: Meet Junior, Ariana Manassero Speaker at Dinner, Education Update, Saturday Night Worship, Washington Team

February 2012 Newsletter: 2012 Haiti Celebration Dinners, January Missions Teams, Special Announcements, 2012 Calendars

January 2012 Newsletter: Meet Ti-Junior & Jefflina, Earthquake 2nd Anniversary, Get Involved, 2012 Calendars Here!, Special Announcements, New Mailing Address

Newsletters for 2011

December 2011 Newsletter: MDL Merry Christmas, Oprah Visits MDL, Our Valued Interns, 2012 Celebration Dinners, Cherline Update, 2012 Child Hope Calendars

November 2011 Newsletter: Meet Cherline, Christmas 2011, Celebration Dinners 2012, Online Shopping, 2012 Calendars

October 2011 Newsletter: Meet Isguerda, Photo Gallery, Christmas Elves Needed, Other Ways to Help This Christmas, Needs List, Christmas CD Gift Idea

September 2011 Newsletter: Meet Gibson, MDL Graduation 2011, Back to School, New CD, Needs List

August 2011 Newsletter:  Camp-in-a-Box 4, Widow Fund, MDL School Graduation, Summer Teams, Graduate Update

June 2011 Newsletter: Haiti Flood Update, Meet Stanley, MDL School, Teaching Opportunities and Outside Kids School

May 2011 Newsletter: New Girls Home, Music Activities at MDL, Summer Teaching Opportunities, Camp-in-a-Box 2011

April 2011 Newsletter: Easter, Camp-in-a-Box 2011, New Guest House, Service Opportunities, Missions Teams

March 2011 Newsletter: Celebration Dinner Recap, Haiti Election Update, Photo Gallery, 2011 Calendar, Service Opportunities

February 2011 Newsletter: Transition Program, New Guest House, Celebration Dinner, Mika Childrens Book and Mission Team Photos

January 2011 Newsletter: 6 New Kids Join MDL Family, Celebration Dinner Update, Haiti Rebuild Funds, Haiti Job Openings, 2011 CHI Calendar

Newsletters for Years before 2011