Child Sponsorship and Orphan Sunday

Orphan SundaySunday, November 3, 2013 has been designated as Orphan Sunday this year by the Christian Alliance for Orphans. Child Hope is one of CAFO’s many global orphan care initiatives, fulfilling the mandate of Isaiah 1:17: “defending the cause of the fatherless.”

As you consider the plight of the orphan in today’s world, would you consider becoming a monthly sponsor for one of our children? Some of our children have no sponsors and many of them are not sponsored fully.

The regular support of sponsors makes it possible for our kids to grow up in a vibrant family environment. We are able to provide each child with clothing, wonderful Bible teachers and mentors, safe living quarters, three healthy meals a day, excellent medical care, quality education, enrichment and vocational training programs, and much more.

For as little as $30 a month, you can participate as a child sponsor. To sponsor a specific child, click here to view our girls and here  to view our boys. For sponsorship FAQ, click here.