Senior Project Blessed Child Hope

Olivia_Jessie with Kids Olivia Berci and Jessica Dusebout just graduated from a private high school in Santa Barbara, CA after completing a very special senior project.  Their school requires seniors to develop creative projects that give them real-world experience in an area of personal interest. Both Olivia and Jessica hope to pursue careers in the field of medicine and also have a heart to serve the poor and disadvantaged. So they began looking for a way to combine these two interests by completing a project related to public health.

Olivia_Jessie2Their search led them to Child Hope and a life-changing week serving along side Lexi and Paula, the two nurses who staff Child Hope’s medical clinic in Port au Prince, Haiti. They arrived at Child Hope’s facilities on May 22 to a torrential downpour and began working immediately. From May 22 to May 29, they recorded their experiences on a blog they developed to chronicle their trip.

sortingmedecineThese experiences ranged from sorting donated medications, to holding and comforting children, to a desperately trying to find a hospital placement for a severely dehydrated man. Their blog details the impact that each experience had on them and how deeply they were touched by each of the children they met and got to know at the Child Hope homes. You can read their blog here.

In their final post, Olivia and Jessica conclude:

We’ve learned to love without limits, even when we’re peed on or have snotty noses snuggled into our necks. Our time spent at the clinic has affirmed our shared goal of becoming physicians and of one day returning to places like Haiti to do what, right now, we can’t.

Their experience affirmed their goals of pursuing medical careers, but they were also affirmed in another way. The faculty of their school chose their project to receive the Top Senior Project Award. This honor was described in a local news article here.

Child Hope is very grateful for the time these two young women spent serving our children and the hearts they have to develop their skills to serve others. We hope to see them visiting again soon. Olivia will be attending Johns Hopkins University in the fall and Jessica will attend UC Berkeley.