Transition Strategy

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The unemployment rate in Haiti is 40%. This makes it especially daunting for our kids to transition out of our homes when they turn 18 and become independent young adults. The Transition Program was founded as an effort to equip our young adults with the skills and biblical work ethic needed for success.

To better support our goal of preparing our kids for adulthood, we are changing the Transition Program from a vocational training center to an office much like a guidance counselor or career placement center. Our staff will work on developing individual plans with our young adults. Through this transition strategy, we will be expanding our support for the children who are interested in careers that we just couldn’t facilitate through the old Transition Program. It also allows us to better partner with local programs, ministries, and churches.

We anticipate guiding the children as they pursue studying English, enroll in computer classes, set up bank accounts, as well as hosting mock interviews and engaging in other career-building activities.