Seven New CHI Graduates

The end of 2013 marked the graduation of  three young women and four young men  who previously lived in Child Hope’s Girls’ and Boys’ homes: Chabine, Chedline, Love-Mitha, David, Elysee, Junior, and Walgens.

These young men and women are now participating in our Transition Program as the next step to full independent living. This program is designed to help our graduates find a place to live, master a trade, and stay on track spiritually. Regular meetings with the graduates help to ensure a Christ-centered path to adulthood. In the next few years, we hope that each graduate will be able to support themselves independently.

Here is an update on the current activities and plans of these new graduates. Please continue to pray for these young men and women that their lives would flourish during this time of transition.

ChabineChabine is sharing an apartment with Chedline, Chedline’s mom and a sister of Chedline. She will be paying her own rent, doing her own laundry, buying and cooking her own food, and learning independent living skills. She attends school full-time and has two part-time jobs: one at the Lighthouse Bakery and another as a housekeeper at the Lighthouse Guesthouse. Although Chabine’s career goal is to become a nurse, she still needs to complete six more years of secondary school.

ChedlineChedline is rooming with Chabine, her mother and a sister in an apartment near the mission. While attending school full time, she is also a supervisor at The Lighthouse Bakery, in training to become the manager. She works an average of 20 hours at the bakery, in addition to cooking at the Lighthouse Guesthouse and for teams who enjoy Sunday lunches at the Manassero house.

Love-MithaLove-Mitha is currently working full time at the MDL girls’ home as a nanny trainee for our youngest girls (ages 2-11). Her expertise, talent, and love of children have enabled her to join the MDL staff as a live-in nanny. In addition, she is training diligently at The Lighthouse Bakery and attends school full-time.

DavidDavid is successfully employed full-time as the caretaker for the MDL school and is attending secondary school full-time. He is interested in pursuing a career in politics or medicine.  His hard work and contributions to the MDL school have provided him with newfound opportunities and enthusiasm. He shares a room nearby with his brother.

ElyseeElysee has moved in with another graduate, Ti-John, sharing his brother Marlval’s house. He is currently in 11th grade and working hard to finish secondary school. He is also studying Web design in the transition program, being taught by another graduate Israel Baptiste. Elysee and Ti-John are trying to raise enough funds to start a video gaming business that will generate enough income to help them get through school.

JuniorJunior is a senior at an English-language school called Morning Star. He hopes to graduate in May and continue his education at Calvary Bible College in Murrieta, California. Junior is sharing a small house with his friend and fellow graduate, Walgens, and their two brothers. Both young men are co-managing The Lighthouse silk screening business and hope to expand their T-Shirt business to support themselves and raise funds for college.

WalgensWalgens is living with Junior and working with him to expand their T-Shirt business to support themselves. Upon secondary school graduation, Walgens hopes to continue with his education at the University, majoring in business management.