Staff Nurse Needed

Are you the person missing in this picture?
Are you the person missing in this picture?

Child Hope has an immediate need for a registered nurse to join our missionary staff.

The nurse would be responsible to oversee the medical needs of the children of The Lighthouse, the Haitian and American staff, as well as visiting teams.

If you are a trained nurse with experience in community nursing care and have a heart to serve the people of Haiti, we would love to talk with you (see Contact page). We already have two wonderful nurses who focus on the community clinic and who would be able to train and support you.

This is a non-paid, volunteer position. You would need to raise your own support.

Read below for a detailed job description.

Child Hope Staff Nurse Job Description

  • Follow up  and supervise the medical care of the children in the CHI homes, administer medications as needed, facilitate the medical care of the medically complex kids within Child Hope, and assess all the children for ongoing issues
  • Accompany CHI children to doctor appointments, procedures, and dental appointments
  • Communicate medical concerns, questions, and clarification with Dr. Eddie Anorga on Child Hope Board
  • Maintain medical records on each child and obtain medical certificates for  new children that are taking into the home
  • Help coordinate, fill prescriptions, and direct staff to medical resources for their care
  • Teach the nannies about the medications that the children are receiving. Facilitate first aid and basic health care training for all staff, implement as require training for nannies
  • Sock the cabinets at the boys and girls homes with required medical supplies and maintain an ongoing medical needs list for visiting teams to refer to when donating supplies and medications
  • Be on call for medical emergencies for our children as well as for medical emergencies among visiting teams and staff as time allows
  • Check in on the kids at the feeding program and the school as time allows