Team Plants Garden

teamWe had the privilege recently of watching our kids’ faces light up as they planted their own “Konbit,” also known as a community garden. A wonderful, youthful team from Circle Square Ranch in Brantford, Ontario in Canada worked tirelessly alongside our boys and girls to bring the vision of a garden into reality.

The project began with a trip to Double Harvest, a Haitian ministry dedicated to establishing and developing agricultural projects in Haiti by providing resources and techniques to increase food production and to build the local economy. At Double Harvest, the kids had the opportunity to select various plants for their gardens. Later, they formed an assembly line and hauled dirt (to the tune of “Pharaoh Pharaoh”), shoveled, prepared the soil, and planted their various plants and seeds!

In addition to the garden, the team painted the exterior of our girls home.

It was a blessing to see this dedicated team work alongside our children and bringing them such joy. Thank you Circle Square Ranch!