Welcome Jonathan Patrick

Jonathan PatrickA few months ago, Suzette had a meeting at IBESR (the Haitian government Social Services). As she was preparing to leave at the conclusion of the meeting, she noticed a small boy in an adjoining office, seated on the floor. He was eating a plate of rice and beans that the office workers had given him. When Suzette asked about the child, she was told that a police officer had just brought him in after he was found abandoned on the street.

This little boy had serious signs of malnutrition, a bloated stomach, orange hair, and was so weak he couldn’t walk. Suzette asked the office workers they were planning to do with him. It was already late in the day, and the office staff really didn’t know what to do. Looking at this forsaken one as one of Jesus’s lost lambs, Suzette asked the staff if they would like her to take him to The Light House. The response? “This is an answer to prayer.”

Because the child didn’t speak, no one knew his name and one of the Social Services workers gave him the name Jonathan Patrick.

Since he has come to The Lighthouse, Jonathan Patrick has been surrounded by love, patient care, and good food. He is now walking on his own, loves to eat, and is full of giggles. We think he is around 3 years old.

Jonathan and Paula
Jonathan and Paula, one of the nannies at The Lighthouse

He does, however, appear to have some complex medical issues including seizures and suffers from some  developmental delays. The seizures were growing in frequency and becoming more and more scary for the nannies, and exhausting for poor Jonathan. Blood tests and a CT scan came back normal. A visiting medical team suggested medication, which he has now been taking a few weeks with good results.

Jonathan’s motor and cognitive development is delayed, although his motor skills are improving greatly and he loves to walk and move. Although he doesn’t talk, he has begun to verbalize more.

Please pray for this little one, that God would continue to heal and restore him, and that he would flourish in the loving environment of The Lighthouse.

Jonathan needs sponsors in order to receive the care and medical attention he needs. If you would like to sponsor Jonathan, click the button below.