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Child Hope International is a Christian organization that exists to provide orphaned, abandoned, and at-risk children In Haiti with physical, educational, spiritual, and personal care through homes, programs, and ministries that are centered on the love and knowledge of Christ Jesus.

Child Hope International seeks to rescue and care for impoverished children and orphans in order to equip them to be the next generation of disciples for Christ, prepared to impact their world for Him.

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Child Hope International was founded in 2001 by Bill and Susette Manassero.

After traveling around the world with “Mr. Bill’s Music Ministry,” and spreading the gospel through music, God began to burden their hearts for the country of Haiti and the deep suffering that they witnessed there. They were moved not only the spiritual hunger of the Haitian children, but also the intense physical and emotional hunger of so many abandoned orphans... Continue Reading >

About Haiti

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. However, it was not always so. In the 1700s, Haiti was known as the “Pearl of the Antilles” and became one of the wealthiest countries in the Caribbean. Late in the 18th century, the slaves rebelled, gained control over the island and declared its independence. Unfortunately, they could not sustain the wealth of the nation and today, with 80% of its population living in abject poverty, Haiti is plagued with political violence, government corruption, eroded farmland and the continual affects of disease and starvation... Continue Reading >


At Child Hope, good stewardship is central to our planning and decision making. We know from personal experience that every resource entrusted to us can transform real children’s lives.

As part of our stewardship, we optimize resources and carefully monitor and review programs and costs, use donations and grants for their intended purposes, and look for ways to leverage funds for maximum impact. Please click here to read more about our financial principles .

Our Team

Our Work

Boys & Girls Homes

Our boys’ and girls’ homes provide a safe environment for homeless, orphaned, and at-risk children in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Each child


An education in Haiti is a luxury that most cannot afford. There are few public or free schools, and the

Feeding Program

One of the sad realities for children living on the streets of Haiti is that they become acclimated to going

Transition Program

Surviving in Haiti, a country with an 80% unemployment rate, is not easy for any young man or woman. Child

Disaster Relief

Because of the fragility of life in Haiti and regular occurrence of natural disasters, we have been uniquely situated to

Guest House

Child Hope International’s Guest House is available for missions teams, visitors, and guests who have been invited to serve at

Get Involved

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Sponsor A Child

Child Hope International is honored and grateful that the Lord has entrusted these precious children into our care to raise

Mission Trip Team

Volunteer: Short-Term

Are you interested in planning a short-term mission trip to Child Hope International with your church, school, or friend group?

Jane celebrating a communication breakthrough with Jonathan

Volunteer: Long-Term

Volunteer in Haiti Have you visited Child Hope in Haiti, and sense that God is calling you serve there on

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Host a Fundraiser

Not everyone feels called or has the time and resources to go to Haiti, but you can still make a

Steve Noyes praying with two of the boys.


Haiti is an island steeped in spiritual darkness and confusion. From the beginning of its modern history, religious practices of


Job Opportunities

Child Hope does not have any open paid positions at this time, but keep checking back for further updates. Please

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Corporate Matching Gifts

Did you know that many larger companies will match employee donations to non-profit organizations like Child Hope International? Listed below

Child Hope Blog
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We would love to hear from you! We look forward to answering your questions and helping you find out how to bring a child hope!

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